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Benjamin Bueno

As a 🇨🇵 French SEO expert with a Full Stack Developer background, I have been supporting numerous projects as a Freelancer since 2012.
Creator and administrator of several online businesses with an established clientele, I selectively accept new projects.

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Without a visibility strategy, your project is doomed to failure.

The digital world is becoming increasingly complex, and the success of a web project is not always guaranteed. In 2022, regardless of your field of activity, you are competing with rivals who have heavily invested in an SEO strategy for several years or who already have a well-established digital advertising (PPC) strategy.

WordPress Expert

Thanks to my mastery of the main WordPress builders (Elementor, Divi, Visual Composer, WP Bakery…), I offer to set up a solid and functional website for you.

Optimisation SEO/PPC

As an SEO/SEA expert, I will assist you in developing your search engine optimization strategy. Good visibility is crucial for increasing your revenue!

Full Stack Web

I am primarily a Full Stack developer, with proficiency in HTML, CSS, and numerous programming languages: React, Angular, NodeJs, Jquery, Vanilla JavaScript, and more…

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I am a web entrepreneur who began my journey in e-commerce, working with a startup in Paris focused on buying and selling used phones (Occaztech and MediasOccasion). My career evolved in a web agency, gradually leading me to become a web entrepreneur.
Additionally, I specialize in cybersecurity, particularly for WordPress platforms. This unique blend of experiences, from e-commerce to web agency work, has equipped me with a diverse skill set and a deep understanding of the digital landscape, especially in ensuring the security and integrity of WordPress sites.

Web Development

As a Full Stack developer, I set up your website or web application according to your objectives and specifications.

Web Design

Graphic design is very important in the creation of a successful website. My proficiency in several programming languages allows me to adapt the form to the content.


Before creating any website or web application, I develop a functional mockup with simplified graphics so that you can validate the site according to your values.

UI/UX Design

User interface design is very important for optimizing user navigation on your website and enhancing their experience. I assist you in your strategy for lead acquisition and customer retention.

Expert WordPress

I have mastered the main WordPress builders: Elementor, Divi, Visual Composer, WP Bakery... My knowledge of PHP also allows me to understand the code of WordPress plugins or themes.

Expert SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the cornerstone of your web visibility. My expertise in SEO techniques enables me to support you throughout your natural search engine optimization strategy.


To improve your visibility, increase your online sales, and boost your revenue, I use paid search engine optimization techniques: Google Ads/AdWords, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and more...


My goal is to support you in your digital strategy, whatever your objective may be: developing a functional website, launching an e-commerce site, enhancing your visibility, improving the quality of your leads, increasing your sales...

TextOne Services

Business-focused support/visibility. WordPress expertise. Elementor Pro and DIVI specialist.
UX UI vision. Strong proficiency in HTML 5, CSS, JS. Frameworks: Angular, ReactJS, NodeJS.
Weak point: Basic knowledge of PHP.

Services to Improve Online Visibility


Google ADS / ADWords

Facebook ADS / IG


Full Stack:





My Websites

As a web entrepreneur, I not only develop and manage my own online ventures but also treat my clients’ websites with the same dedication and entrepreneurial spirit. Each client’s site is an extension of my business portfolio, receiving the same level of care, strategic planning, and commitment to success as my personal projects. This approach ensures that every website I handle benefits from a comprehensive, business-oriented mindset, driving growth and enhancing online presence.

My Blog

Discover on my blog advice, tutorials, and informative articles.
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Stratégie de rérservation directe Full Stack

Boulevard Hotels n’est pas simplement une plateforme de réservation, c’est une solution complète conçue pour aider les hôtels à gagner en rentabilité et en satisfaction client grâce à la réservation directe.

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About me

Benjamin Bueno is the founder of Textone Agency. With over 8 years of experience as a Full Stack Developer and WordPress Expert, he manages several online businesses and assists companies in establishing their visibility strategy.
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